Platinum Beauty Bar Sydney


what do we do?

All work is done in a professional and hygienic salon in a private relaxed space. The process is simple, yet uniquely catered to each individual.
Book in an appointment, and we will discuss how you want your features to look, what you desire and what best suits you. Once we get your approval of the custom design, we begin the procedure, and you will be left with a low-maintenance flawless look.


Otherwise known as eyebrow feathering or 3D embroidery, it is a form of enhancement cosmetic tattooing. This is a semi-permanent make-up which involves injecting pigments in the brows on the skin surface through using a super-fine manual tool and a precise technique, to create realistic hair strokes that blends perfectly with the natural brow.

With this feathering technique, you can choose to re-shape your brow, add colour, cover gaps and fill-in. Your brows will look fuller, youthful, and polished, and this long-lasting cosmetic eyebrow tattoo won’t smudge and smear and will save you time everyday from re-drawing and filling in your brows whilst still enjoying all your activities.

Additional shading can also be applied on top of the brow to really define the brow shape and give you that natural stylish look. We will discuss with you what you would like, and also what will best suit you. A follow-up is recommended about one month after the initial procedure to refine the brows.


Ombré or Magic shading

Ombré or Magic Shading are forms of permanent makeup that give a similar effect to applying powder or pencil on your brows. The procedure is performed using a micro-pigmentation machine and gradually builds defined shape and colour for the brows. The results for these techniques tend to last longer than microblading as the pigment is inserted deeper than the manual method of microblading and is best suited for all individuals, especially those with more oily skin types.


Cosmetic Tattoo Eyeliner

Cosmetic eyeliner tattoos otherwise known as semi-permanent eyeliner tattooing can help you achieve the refined and bold eye shape, accentuating your eyes, lashes and brows, and of course, eliminates the day-to-day makeup routine. We only offer top eyeliner services here at Platinum Beauty Bar.

It is similar to getting a traditional tattoo, but not as deep and involves injecting pigments in or around the lash line. Eyeliner tattoos are up to your preferences, whether you like a thin lash line to compliment the lashes, thicker line, tapered, dotted, or with a wing.

The cosmetic eyeliner tattoo can also be done in a range of shades. We precisely position the line so that you get the perfectly matching eyeliner every time. The eyeliner doesn’t smudge, its waterproof and is long-lasting.


Cosmetic Lip Tattoo

The lips, the next most attractive feature after the eyes – Cosmetic tattooing can enhance the shape, restore colour, and create fuller, and healthier looking lips. It is a semi-permanent correction procedure which can enrich your lips, lip liner, lip blend, or vermillion, making it look defined, and contoured. It is perfect for those that want to transform uneven or thin lips or those that want to add volume. This is one simple way of getting gorgeous lips without injections or fillers.

It is similar to getting a traditional tattoo, but not as deep and involves injecting pigments into the lips. These pigments can be used to redefine and recolour a variety of lip shapes. You can choose from a wide range of shades and styles for a natural and subtle look or a dramatic and glamorous impression. It also creates an illusion of fuller lips for those that want their lips to look more plump.

Whether you choose to have a lip liner tattoo or a full lip tattoo, you can be assured that your lips will look their best and as natural as possible. Wake up with perfect and gorgeous lips everyday, saving you the hassle of putting on lipstick or lip liner each time.